Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

Getting Started

Newer devices (laptop, phone, tablet) will perform better whenever you enter a Virtual Reality room. We typically use a laptop with a Chrome, Safari, or Firefox web browser and a mouse to experience virtual reality. For more immersive experience, use a Mozilla Hubs-compatible VR Headset.

Joining a Room

Join room

You can join a room using a URL (on a web browser). If you choose Enter on Device (this includes VR Headset), go to on your device’s web browser and enter the 4-digit code.

Set avatar

You can choose your avatar and preferred displayed name. Your displayed name will float above your avatar.

Microphone setup

Next, you will be asked to enable microphone access in your browser. You have the option to allow or block microphone access whenever you enter a room. If you choose the former, you will be able to mute / unmute yourself. If you choose the latter, you won’t be able to talk in the room. Confirm your choice to finish setup and enter the room!

Mute / unmute yourself

Press “M” key to mute or unmute yourself, or click the Microphone icon on the onscreen control panel at the bottom left corner.

Movements / Navigation

Basic movements

Press and hold W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move forward, back, left, and right.


Press Q or E key to turn left or right. You can also left click and drag your mouse left or right.

Look up / down

Left click and drag your mouse up or down.

Move faster / run

Hold Shift key while you are moving.


Right mouse click, hold to aim, and release. Or tap with two fingers on a touchpad.

Flying (depends on room setting)

Some rooms enable flying mode. Press G key to enable / disable flying. Look up or down using your mouse to fly up or down. When you disable flying, you will automatically land on the nearest floor surface. If you get stuck, reload your page to re-spawn in the room’s lobby area.