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Get Tickets for November 11-15 2022 Showing!

Join us as we explore artistic expressions, activism, and their impact on the climate movement.

Attendee Overview

On the day of their ticket purchase, attendees will be able to experience the 4 connected art galleries, network with fellow attendees, and hear from one of the featured artists. After their attendance, they will receive access to the galleries in perpetuity. 

    • Purchase tickets: Attendees will purchase tickets for 1 of the 5 days of the exhibit weeks in advance of the showing. 
    • Attend via computer, phone, or headset: Wherever you are, if you have a decent internet connection you should be able to attend the gallery.
    • Meet new people: The Climate Gallery will be an intimate online experience where people will be able to experience something new and have folks to talk to about it.
    • Converse with an artist: Hear from the featured artist in an intimate space and be able to ask them questions.
    • Receive perpetuity link: After the event, attendees will receive links that allow them to visit the galleries whenever they want.
    • Contribute to the arts. Take climate action: By buying a ticket, attendees will be helping to pay artists for their work and contribute to a  climate micro-grant fund that 

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