About The Climate Gallery

Theory of Change

When we engage with art, we give ourselves time to check-in. Artists can take complex, multifaceted, ephemeral experiences and make them concrete. A single work can give us a specific place to start a conversation where we can engage our emotions, our sense of logic, our sense of illogic, our beliefs, our sense of self, and our sense of that which is external. Because of all of these reasons, we believe art is an extremely important key to understanding and communicating about the climate movement. 


We strive for fair representation of artists and their art within their own cultural contexts.

We work urgently to amplify the unequal results of the ever-growing climate crisis.

We are all creative beings who employ creative problem-solving to enact change.

Vehicles of Change


The Gallery

By providing an online gallery for climate art, we’re creating a space that supports both artists and patrons. Some goals include:

  • Supporting artists by providing stipends to pay for their work
  • Increasing exposure of climate artists
  • Increasing interest in climate art through the innovative format
  • Removing geological barriers of participation in art

Speaker Series

We strive to produce an intimate experience for Climate Gallery exhibition attendees. In addition to artwork showcase, we will invite our artists to personally share stories about their works.

Each day of the exhibit, one of our featured artists will give a talk about their work and perspective of climate activism. Following the talk, audience will have a chance to have conversations directly with the artist. 



We are more than just education and conversation. We are directly funding climate organizations and community-based resiliency projects with micro-grants. 

A large portion of your ticket cost and donations goes to a fund that will be dispersed to support organizations that are on-the-ground doing decarbonization and environmental justice work.

Meet the Team


Logan Evasco

I am a graphic designer and director of Climate Creative. I believe that everyone is creative when given the opportunity and support and that creativity is a valuable resource to inject in all sectors of the climate movement.

Mira Musank

I am a dedicated garment refashioner and  textile waste upcycler. I love finding more sustainable ways to reduce, reuse, repurpose preowned materials and collaborating with diverse multidisciplinary artists globally.


Siobhan Keegan

I am a keen visual designer and illustrator. I am passionate about exploring design’s unique forms of communication and problem-solving, particularly within brand, graphic and VR design.

Rina Ellingham

I am passionate about encouraging people to acknowledge and take action for the climate crisis through visual arts projects. I have produced HYPE FREE WATER, the experimental art advertisement collective founded by KOM-I and Minori Murata.


Ellen Caminiti

Ellen is an activist, photographer, writer and DJ. Holding a degree in International Relations with an emphasis in Global Environmental Health, she is organizes for environmental justice and writes about queer and feminist social justice issues.


Nik Evasco

Nik is an unconventional educator that believes centering agency
empowers us all to grow personally, build solidarity and generate power for liberation. I’m an organizer active in the immigrants rights
and climate justice movements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is artivism?

Art·iv·ism: A portmanteau of the words “art” and “activism.” 

Artivism is an expression that engages viewers and participants beyond passive viewership and into action.

The term “artivism” originates with the Chicano movement in Los Angeles in the late 1960’s. We believe this word perfectly articulates the innate power of art to communicate, persuade, and engage in community dialogues. Today we’re applying it to our collective climate struggle.

Who are artivists?

We believe most artists are “artivists.” Creating work that has meaning and engages in societal topics is a form of activism that informs, engages, and creates conversation. 

When is the exhibit?

The Artivism exhibit is November 11 – 15th 2022! Tickets will go on sale a few months prior. Sign up for updates below to get the news first!

Can I get involved?

There are lots of great ways to get involved! From volunteering and donating to planning to attend, you can use your skills to make a difference. We’re also currently looking for sponsors to help us build our artist fund and our micro-grant fund. Ready to jump in?  Get involved →

How can I get updates?

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