The Climate Gallery Presents

A study In Artivism

Coming November 11-15 2022

Join us as we explore artistic expressions, activism, and their impact on the climate movement.

Theme: Artivism

Art·iv·ism: A portmanteau of the words “art” and “activism.” 

The term “artivism” originates with the Chicano movement in Los Angeles in the late 1960’s. We believe this word perfectly articulates the innate power of art to communicate, persuade, and engage in community dialogues. Today we are applying it to express our collective climate struggle.

Climate crisis is an urgent topic that is multi-faceted and complex. It can be difficult to digest, both emotionally and intellectually. Luckily, we have artists– some of the most equipt individuals in our society at connecting, communicating, and empowering others in taking actions. That’s why we select the theme of “Artivism.” We’d like to feature artists that are using their talents to encourage action or needed conversations in their communities.

We purposely kept the theme broad in our first exhibition with the hope of touching a diverse selection of climate topics as interpreted and expressed by artists with various media. We hope you will be inspired by their artistic forms of climate activism and motivated to take more meaningful climate actions in your daily lives. 

Artist Overview

For this first-ever exhibition open to the public in November 2022, we will feature the work of 4 artists (to be announced in late Summer 2022). 

    • Call for submissions: There will be an open call for artists to apply from May 25th – June 19th. 
    • Artist Selection: Led by our Artist Manager, Rina Ellingham, 4 artists will be selected to showcase their works in the November exhibition.
    • Custom VR Gallery Creation: The Artist Manager and our VR Designer will work with each artist to create a custom VR gallery space to display their work.
    • Number of pieces: Depending on the medium (all artistic mediums, conventional or modern, will be considered), we ask that artists create 1 new or unique work for this showing in addition to previously shown works. In the example of a painter, we’d say 10 works would nicely fill the space, though in some cases a single work would also suffice. 
    • Exhibition Attendance: During the exhibition days, Artists will be asked to attend at least 2 days. The first day will be their “Artist Feature” day where we ask them to give a short talk on their process and experience in engaging with the theme of “climate artivism.” The second day will be the final closing day of the gallery.
    • Honorarium: Currently we have allocated a $1,000 honorarium for exhibitors. This is in thanks for your work, your speaking, and your attendance. We hope to increase this amount as additional fundraising efforts are made.  

Attendee Overview

On the day of their ticket purchase, attendees will be able to experience the 4 connected art galleries, network with fellow attendees, and hear from one of the featured artists. After their attendance, they will receive access to the galleries in perpetuity. 

    • Purchase tickets: Attendees will purchase tickets for 1 of the 5 days of the exhibit weeks in advance of the showing. 
    • Attend via computer, phone, or headset: Wherever you are, if you have a decent internet connection you should be able to attend the gallery.
    • Meet new people: The Climate Gallery will be an intimate online experience where people will be able to experience something new and have folks to talk to about it.
    • Converse with an artist: Hear from the featured artist in an intimate space and be able to ask them questions.
    • Receive perpetuity link: After the event, attendees will receive links that allow them to visit the galleries whenever they want.
    • Contribute to the arts. Take climate action: By buying a ticket, attendees will be helping to pay artists for their work and contribute to a climate micro-grant fund that will be dispersed to climate organizations.

Donor & Sponsor Overview

Join in building the first climate-based art gallery. Support our vision to continue building a climate art hub, funding artists and climate direct action artists. 

    • Support artists: Sponsors and donors directly increase our ability to compensate artists, give them platform and speaking time. 
    • Support climate organizations: With our micro-grant program, we directly give to organizations working on the ground.
    • Increase our capacity: Help us expand our resources and capabilities to put on more exhibits, both online and in-person.
    • Attend our in-person pop-up: Attend our San Francisco-based, in-person art pop-up and fundraiser. 
    • Name on the Gallery wall: Get your name or organizational logo on our website and in the VR gallery entrance.